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Mothers Memorial

It's the season for Mothers Memorial!  And you can give individually to Mothers Memorial right here … as well as through offerings to your local church. 


Every dollar of your offering does so much!!  Your giving allows YOU to be a supporter of UPCI ministries all around the globe! 


To see the ministries Mothers Memorial supports, click here.

Thank you for your generous giving!!  Through YOUR generous gift, your VISION is giving saving SIGHT to souls around the world!  Thank you, ladies, for contributing to MOTHERS MEMORIAL!

Online giving

We offer 3 easy giving options for Mothers Memorial:

1.  Online Giving (Click the button - or scan the QR code through your smartphone's camera - then follow the instructions below.)      

2.  Text-to-Give - text WIUPCI MMoffering to 73256 to give using your text messaging.  (Standard text messaging rates may apply.)

3.  Pay by check (See address below.)   

QR Code.png

Text WIUPCI MMoffering to 73256 to give to the Mothers Memorial fund using your text messaging.


When you access the giving link, you will see a screen that says "Welcome to WI District UPCI."

  • Fill in your offering amount in the box labeled "Give"

  • Leave the designation as "to Mothers Memorial"

  • VERY IMPORTANT:  In the "Options" box, type in your pastor's last name and the town where your church is located - in order to allow your church to get credit for your offering.  You only have 24 spaces, so please limit your entry to only that information. 

  • Type in your preferred email address

  • Click Continue   

  • NOTE: If you have given before, you may already be in the Wisconsin District system.  It will recognize your information and ask you to log in with your password.  If your information is NOT already in the WI District system, you may still continue as a "guest" - you won't have to sign in to give.  But in the next screen, you will be asked for your credit/debit card information. 

  • If you are already an ACS member, just log into your account and give your offering through that portal.


Pay By Check:

If you choose to give by check, please send your offering to: 

Wisconsin District UPCI Office

PO Box 670

Reedsburg, WI  53959

Be SURE to reference your home church name, city, and pastor with your offering!

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