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HOPEcafé Resources

We have gathered all kinds of resources to help you in your walk with God.  Explore all your options below! You will find inspirational messages, music, study and prayer guides, opportunities to give, and much more!

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HOPE Video Sessions

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Downloadable Resources

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Mothers Memorial

We are excited to offer you content from our wonderful speakers right in your very own home! Keep an eye on the menu to know when we're bringing fresh videos your way. Be blessed!

There's so much here!  Click here to find session handouts and helpful prayer guides - selected Ladies Retreat-style music playlists  - recommended reading and other information - all for you!

The fund that allows US to support UPCI missions and ministries all around the world!  Want to give?  It's easy!  Click here to find out how to give online - even TEXT to give - or send a check!

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Even when things are slow, we like to know what's going on.  As events are scheduled, we will try to keep you updated.  Don't forget to add them to your calendar and stay up to date!

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Archive Room

We have brought back some services from Wisconsin Ladies Retreats of the past years.  If you remember a service that changed your life, you may find it here to enjoy again!

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